The FORMA Summer Reading Guide

8 strategies for curating a summer of delightful reading

Last Saturday was the summer solstice, so it’s officially time to kick off all of our summer reading plans. But settling on an approach to reading during these hot (strange) months can be daunting. We all have stacks of books we want to take up—titles we know we should read or that have been recommended to us or that we have been saving for the right moment—but the end of summer is ever-looming. Too many books, too little time, as they say. So to help, we created a special bonus digital issue of FORMA that shares eight strategies for attacking your summer with purpose. The primary goal was maximum delight, but we also considered the reality that we all want to be thoughtful and discerning readers. After all, being well-read is about more than being prolific.

We hope you enjoy this guide, we hope that it’s helpful, and we would love to hear which strategies you’ll be following over the next few months. Happy reading!

Click here (or the image below) to download the guide. It’s free for everyone.